There are increasing talks about a new crypto currency named bitcoin on the Internet and TV, which becomes more and more popular currency every day. Even the entire countries say their opinions about this virtual currency. And there are increasingly more places that accept bitcoin as the payment means.

BitCoin (a connection of two words, Bit + Coin) is a crypto currency that uses the currency of the same name. If to put it simply, bitcoin is a virtual currency that exists in the networks and may be exchanged onto real money. Its creator is a Japanese Satoshi Nakamoto.

The main feature of bitcoin is the absence of the centered regulation of the network and that means that the currency totally belongs to the public.

Bitcoin is often compared to the ‘e-gold’. The bitcoin’s rate is increasingly stable and that gives huge perspectives to this currency and heats up the interest to it.

There are only 21 000 000 bitcoins that may be issued generally and no more. This is a strict limit to which their quantity strives. Despite that every day there are more and more bitcoins produced, their rate is increased every day. So no wonder that many people are eager to collect those to make savings.

Pluses of bitcoins:

  1. Anonymity

As their network is decentralized, every operation goes anonymous. It is possible to track the last transactions but it is impossible to say from and to whom the bitcoins were transferred, even for special agencies.

  1. Alternative to the existing money

Bitcoin is the alternative and convenient means of payment. There are many places on the Internet and in the real life where bitcoins are accepted.

  1. The absence of taxes

While making operations in bitcoins, there are no taxes accrued, as bitcoin is not an official currency. This makes it possible to purchase the goods cheaper.

  1. International currency

Bitcoin is an international currency; it is the same in every corner of the world, which is very convenient. You can pay from the same wallet in every country without the need to exchange the currency.

  1. The lack of control

Bitcoins aren’t controlled by anyone. They are publicly-possessed and it is hard to make influence on them politically.

  1. The absence of the commissions

The absence of the commissions for transfer bitcoins. But if you have to make the transfer faster, you’ll have to pay the fee. The bigger fee – the faster transfer will be made.

  1. Trustworthy

It is impossible to counterfeit bitcoins. It is much simpler to receive the new ones.

How to start using bitcoins?

You have to create an especial wallet to store bitcoins using the service provider. We recommend you

You may know about it in the video – how to create your bitcoin wallet.