The first step is extremely simple. You have some information and you have to bring this information to as many people as possible. The more people hear about it, the bigger success you will achieve.

The most important is that what you, the same should be done by the people in your group – it is the system of duplication. You have come to the business and started inviting people to it and you have to teach them the same things you know and do.

So, if you have invited thousands of people and they do not duplicate your actions, your business is not that successful as if when you invite 10 people that will do exactly the same.

The most important thing is that you have to talk to people and to invite them in your business.

But how to make it correctly?

When you talk to people, they may be on the different channel.

For example, there is news on the channel 1. But as you are on the channel 2, you don’t listen to channel 1.

The same is with people – you talk to your friend but he doesn’t listen to you.

That is why it is so important to start inviting people to the business correctly.

We are all different. There are people who talk lovely, more eloquent and write nicely, without mistakes, and they are charming. It is extremely nice to talk to such person. And when a person like this makes the presentation and tells you anything, it turns out smoothly and lovely. And it turns out it the following:

I have almost understood everything he told me and let’s consider this business good enough for, let’s say, John. I will never be able to say anything even close to this beauty and smoothness. I will never learn such a bunch of information. And when John finishes, I’m going to tell him hundreds of reasons why this business isn’t for me. This is a pyramid. My wife doesn’t allow me. I have no time. I have no money. I will tell anything but the truth – I was simply scared of how perfectly John told this all to me. I will be incapable of copying it.

That is why it is important not to be overzealous in the beauty of the speech. It is much more important to make the people feel that you are “burning” with this, even if your thoughts are not that beautiful as John has.

  1. So when people tell me they don’t want to be engaged in the business, it is clearly not their business. But answer me – let’s assume you went to the movie. You’ve watched a great movie. Will you tell anyone to watch it too? We all making the attraction of people, whether we want it or not. We simply aren’t all earning on it. The difference is that someone is earning speaking and you’re not.
  1. It is very important to contact a person. You should start making phone calls when you are in the good mood. So if you have a bad mood, don’t call. You have to have a good mood. It is very felt in the voice.

Calling on Skype or phone, always ask if a person has a minute to talk to you. It is not advisable to talk if he or she is busy at home, work or at the party. He or she will not hear you then.

The example of talk:

Hello, Jessica! This is Michael. Do you have a minute? You do? Great! Listen, I have a huge request to you. You see, I was proposed with extremely interesting business recently. And I think it is very good for me and it seems like I will finally earn good money this time. I know you are a very competent woman, so it is extremely important to me to hear your opinion. Would you be so kind to pay attention to this information and tell whether this business is really that good for me?

And since now, I will be silent until Jessica answers me. It is very important.

What did I do?

  1. A compliment. Everyone loves compliments.
  2. I asked her. People love to be asked.
  3. Business for me, money for me.

The Internet Is And Will Be A Matter Of Business Communication.

When a person wants to reveal his opinion, he will listen to you very attentively. He will switch to your channel.

It is very important to be in the team in the Internet business.

Know all your sponsors above you. It is impossible to build a net marketing alone. Only working in the team, the success will be at your side and with all your team.

If you had 1 cent and it doubled every day, what amount would you receive by the end of the year?

This task unveils the mathematical potential of the business in the net marketing, the goals of which work perfectly for the Internet business either. By the end of the month, you will have USD 5 million from this 1 cent!

The inventor has presented the chess game to the governor. He asked remuneration for this invention – give me a little grain, he told. Put 1 grain at the first cell, two in the second, 4 in the third and so on, doubling the number each time. It is a simple desire, as would it seem at the first glance. For the first time, the governor was not able to fulfill someone’s desire – the inventor wanted so many grains as it wasn’t present in the state and even if to sow the fields of grain on the entire Earth, the grain still wouldn’t be enough to fulfill his wish.

This is how the net marketing system works and the Internet marketing works too. We invite people and they invite other people. We create teams and move to success in any field!

If you will be able to invite 1 person to your net per month and you’ll be repeated – everyone whom you submitted, also submit 1 person per month. It means you will submit 12 people per year. How many people would be on your team after 1 year? 4096 people. If your invitees repeat after you and you develop the business from the scratch.

This is a geometric progression.

It is very easy and hard at the same time.

Not every person whom will you provide with the information comes to your business, but the ration of success increases. People remember information. They may turn to you not today but tomorrow and you never know what happens next.


If a person says “NO” – it is not forever. The most important thing is that you have provided him with the information correctly.

People don’t enter the business as they are afraid that no one will help them.

If you invite anyone, everyone must see you are helped. People will not be afraid in this case.

This is the main means of inviting people to the business.

Never impose business. Ask a question. People love to be asked.

Believe in yourself. As long as you don’t believe in yourself, this is distinctively heard in your voice and tone. People don’t trust such man.

Believe in yourself.

Work on yourself.

Be positive.

You will be able to accomplish everything.