What is the Matrix marketing?

Let’s deal with this essentially and find the peculiarities of this one from the other business systems.

This is a business! Matrix marketing is not a net company or a financial pyramid and it is not a hired job.

To make yourself sure that Matrix marketing differs from the business systems like below, lets’ consider some:

  1. Net marketing
  2. The financial pyramid
  3. Banking business system
  4. Investments

Net marketing is a type of outdoors retail selling of goods by agents based on private connections. In this system, the personal income of every participant depends on the level of personal sales. The distributor is offered the monthly interest from the personal sales volume from the monthly-found buyers.

The financial pyramid is when the organizers unshakably stand on the top. Any newcomer never goes on the head of the pyramid. The same as never the top-stayer changes the position with the newcomer. The later you’ve entered the pyramid, the higher chances of losing all your money.

Banking business system is when a person has decided to take a loan. And he received no income. Because he will have to pay back the money he took and to pay the interest. Thus, he didn’t receive anything but only lost.

Investment is a long-term investment of the capital with the purpose of receiving income.

So what is the Matrix?

Matrix marketing is the matrix that is an accounting table allowing fixing the number of the registered business deals and the order of payment to partners.

This is a teamwork that is boiled down to filling the Matrixes.

Matrix is filled by efforts of all participants of the business. It is enough only to make one marketing condition – to invite 1 or 2 people. You can participate in as many programs simultaneously as you want to.

If you invite at least 2 persons to the business, you may work faster! The participant of the Matrix, who is on the top, will move from the top of the Matrix in the lower row of the same program. Thus the first cycle of reinvestment goes.

Those partners that have invited the most number of people at the moment of the division of matrix will be placed higher than those that have a smaller quantity of people and those who have none at the moment.

Thus, every new participant receives the possibility to optimally get to the top bypassing those who has come to the Matrix business earlier but did less and this is fair.

At least ONE or TWO personally invited people to accelerate your movement in the Matrix. If you haven’t invited anyone but has entered the Matrix with active participants, you may be pushed up without your efforts.

The matrix plans have the tendency to pay the participants of the business more than any other types of plans as well as they are simple in explanation and easy to comprehend.