Once you’ve appeared in the Head of Start, Matrix, you start receiving the income in the equal parts from every newcomer or clone that came to the on lowest level of your Matrix in amount of ฿ 0.0025 from each of 8 cells. After that you move to Finish, Matrix, completely returned your investment.

The algorithm of calculation of referral bonuses is:

Level 1 — 15% = ฿ 0.003
Level 2 — 4% = ฿ 0.0008
Level 3 — 3% = ฿ 0.0006
Level 4 — 2% = ฿ 0.0004
Level 5 — 1% = ฿ 0.0002

Remunerations in the Finish Matrix

2 and more referrals:
The remuneration amount is ฿ 0.4 + reinvest + 9 clones + payment of the Gold program.฿ 0,05 for each of 8 lower cells in the Finish Matrix + ฿ 0.027 referral bonus for 9 clones after you put them in the Start Matrix.

1 referral:
The remuneration amount is ฿ 0.2 + reinvest + 9 clones + payment of the Gold program.
฿ 0.025 for every cell + ฿ 0.027 refferal bonus for clones.

No referrals:
In this case, you receive reinvest + 9 clones to participate in the Start Matrix of the Silver program + ฿ 0.027 of referrals for them and the automated payment for the Gold package.

* If you have paid the Gold program by your own, the amount of ฿ 0.2 will be returned to your balance after you close the 8th cell of the Finish Matrix.

How do clones and reinvest work?

After you close the Finish Matrix and receive the remuneration, your login does the reinvest to go through the Program again and to receive the profit.
The reinvest in Leader is not automated. We give you right to choose whether you want to go on the circle two in the Matrix and this is another advantage of our project.

You’ll have a link with your login and the referral link in your cabinet with a window to enter the partner’s login, into whose Matrix you want to enter. We advise you to enter the sponsor’s login. But if you don’t have a sponsor in the Start Matrix or you don’t want to continue working with this sponsor, or want to try yourself in the Matrix of another sponsor, you may enter any login at your discretion that is available in the Start Matrix and to make the reinvest in that Matrix.

Nevertheless, the sponsor’s link is preserved as your sponsor has once invited you to the project not depending to whose Matrix you are entering now and so your primary sponsor will always receive the referral amounts for you as long as you participate in the project, as well as for your clones, referrals of the basic login of yours and those who will be invited by your clones in the future, according to the 5 level referral program and your reinvest will also follow the direct sponcor to the Finish Matrix.

The clones are your automated referrals of the first line, they follow you to the next programs and have the same privileges that your main login has – personal referral links, receive the remuneration and give you the profit of 15% for every clone, including the fact that you receive additional remuneration for the referrals of your clones according to the 5-level referral program as long as you participate in the Project.

The same as the reinvest, you may send clones to any Start Matrix of the current package. As soon as clones are put in the Matrix, you receive referral charges for them.

Thanks to reinvest and clones, you don’t need to create multiple accounts. Considering the fact that for every single Partner who came to the remuneration, there are 10 newcomers (reinvest + 9 clones), the movement in the Matrixes is accelerated and it allows more and more people receive the Remuneration.