What are the advantages of Leader?

Everyone wants to earn with minimum capital investments and efforts, minimizing their risks. We have tried to combine in our marketing all these items bringing the best from the different marketing plans combining them all into the one project.

The Matrixes allows increasing the amount of income in many times. In addition to that, it has several additional sources of income one of which is 25% referral program of five levels in the depth as well as the returning of funds back to you from the first matrix, which makes the risks minimal + reinvest and various clones that allow you moving faster and will not let your Matrix stand still.

With the “Leader”, you will be able to manage your reinvests and clones in the way you want it by sending them in any matrixes of the project and that was not presented in any project ever before.

The basic principle of our project is the teamwork where every participant of the single Matrix works for the same goal and purpose and help everyone including the help of the clones to move further in the matries. There is a possibility to earn money for everyone in «Leader».

I'm a leader and I know how to work and to invite. What will the participation in your project give me?

Working in the “Leader” and inviting partners, you and your clones will receive profit 30 times more than the investment amount you did and will be able to take part in all the programs and make the profit in them.

For the active participants of “Leader”, there is a five-level referral program without limitations in width!

This will allow you increasing according to your activity to the unbelievable sizes and bringing you huge money every day allowing your matrixes to be closed increasingly faster.

We also plan many additional bonuses and programs as well as interesting promotions for our active leaders with the gifts that you will definitely like.

How can I earn if I cannot and I don't want to invite anyone?

Find the active leader who is ready to become your sponsor and join his team. Closing the Matrixes is a teamwork, so you may be pushed out of the Matrix without your efforts with the help of the overflows from your team. Or if you are stuck in the Matrix with the same small-active participants as you are while the division of Matrix, ask your sponsor to help you with the clones.

You will receive the remuneration ten times more than you have initially invested in addition to the money refund, which is very good for the participant who didn’t do anything for that.

Where do I find the active sponsor?

A sponsor is a person who has invited you to the project. If you don’t have one and you just came here following the advertising then look for one in our Skype chats and choose the convenient sponsor for you with the active team.

Why do I need clones and how will they help me to move faster?

Every login that is closing his Finish Matrix does the reinvest and receives 9 clones into the Start Matrix. There are no restrictions to the multiple accounts in our project but thanks to clones, you have no reasons to waste your money on creating the additional accounts.
Clones have the same privileges that your main login does – they receive their refunds, remuneration, they have referral links, they go to the next programs and so on. Any of 9 clones has own window to choose the login in whose Matrix you would decide to put your clone as well as they bring you the referral income.

You may put your 8 clones in your own Matrix that you head and thus to fulfill the lower row in one and push yourself into the Finish Matrix and can send one clone to help your partner or to use your clones in the matrixes of other leaders. You may send every of your 9 clones to the various Matrixes – there are no limitations, you select the convenient variant and receive the constant turnover of the matrixes where on every partner that has come out for remuneration, we receive ten new partners plus reinvest plus clones that have entered the project and this much facilitates the movement in the matrixes.

Why do I need the reinvestment and what is its difference here, in the «Leader»?

The reinvestment means that when your login with the same referral link, who receive the remuneration in this or that program, goes to the second circle to pass through the entire program again to receive the remuneration once more time.

The difference of the reinvest in the “Leader” is that as in the case with the clones you are able to select where to put your investment, it does not happen automatically. You make it on your own and we give you the right to select to what Matrix to go to the second circle.
We highly recommend you to enter the login of your sponsor in the window in your back office that you will see whem you close the Matrix because this person has invited you to the project initially.
But if your sponsor has already came to the Finish Matrix and he is not present in the Start Matrix, then you may enter the login of any partner in the Start Matrix of which you want to enter.
Maybe you have the different opinions and views with your sponsor and no longer wish to work with him and want to try yourself in other teams? In all these cases, the right to choose is very actual and gives you the additional possibility to work on your account at your personal discretion.

Your sponsor will not be offended as well as wherever you enter, he will always receive the referral charges for your reinvests and clones as well as from the referrals that have been invited by your clones according to 5-level referral program.

What time will it take me to reach the remuneration?

The time depends totally on you and your team. We’re not selecting the team for you to participate in the project – we only give you the platform for earning. That is why you should wisely select the sponsor and your team. You may reach the level of remuneration for one day without doing anything particular or you may work alone for the entire Matrix and push your partners all the time and it will take a lot of time for you.
It all depends on you, your personal efforts, and the teamwork in the Matrix.

What is the difference of the Matrix from the financial pyramid?

The financial pyramid’s organizers are standing at the top of it. Any newcomer will never reach the top. The later you’ve entered the pyramid, the higher are the risks that you will lose everything because all the money are accumulated at the top.
Pyramid functions as long as the income of the funds is more than their outcome.

The Matrix marketing is the Matrix that is a table that allows registering the amount of the business deals and the sequence of the payments to the partners. Speaking in other words, the Matrix has the fixed amount of the entrance and the fixed amount of the remuneration.
This is the teamwork. The Matrix is filled by the efforts of all participants and it doesn’t matter when exactly you entered the Matrix business – in the very beginning or a year later.
Being active, the partner may bypass his less active sponsor and so on. The Matrix works as long until the participants have interest to it.

What is the qualification?

Qualification is two personally invited partners in the Start Matrix of any of the selected packages to receive the profit 30 times more.

Do I inevitably have to make the qualification to receive my money?

No, there is no such a thing as an inevitable qualification in our project. You may not invite anyone and will still receive the remuneration but it will be longer and lesser than the partners that have the qualification.

If I have been pushed into the Finish Matrix and didn’t invite anyone – can I invite anyone now?

You may invite partners at any period of time and receive the referral payments for that. But in order to be qualified to receive 30 times more, you are obliged to invite at least two partners to the Start Matrix. The automated program records the number of your partners until you are transferred into the Finish Matrix.

If you invited at least two people while being in the start Matrix, the program will record it as the fulfilled qualification when you will be transferred to the Finish Matrix.
If you invited only one, it will be recorded as the only one person qualification.
If you didn’t invite anyone that means that you have no qualification.

The following invitation while you are in the Finish Matrix, will be charged to your balance according to the algorithm of the five-level referral program.

I only want to participate in the Silver program and I don't want to move to the following programs. Can I do that?

If you haven’t paid for the following programs at your own then the transfer to the following programs will be done automatically when you or your clones are going to receive the remuneration. This is described in details in the Marketing page.

The obligatory transfer to the next program is required to increase the speed of the Matrix closure of the next programs and to give the possibility to the participants to reach more significant amounts of income working simultaneously in all programs of our project.

I only want to participate in the Gold program without paying the Silver package. Can I do that?

No, you cannot enter any additional program without paying the previous one. To receive the access for participating in the Gold program, you must have the Silver program paid.

Do clones pay for the next programs too?

Clones work on the same basis as the main logins and automatically pay the next programs according to the marketing plan, even if your main login is in the next program.

I want to pay for the Gold program by my own and not to wait until my Silver Matrix closes and I want to work at the same time in the both programs. Can I do that?

Yes, of course, this will allow you reaching the remuneration faster in the next program.
You will receive the refund of payments for the bought program when you closes the last cell of the Matrix of your previous program but your login will move severa to go ahead in the next program.

When and to whom there will be a refund of money spent by me to participate in this project?

You receive the money refund stage-by-stage already in the first Start Matrix from every of the eight cells of your Matrix when your login is at top of the Matrix. The money refund is done in every Start Matrixes of the packages. The money returned to main logins as well as to all clones independently of the fact whether they do have the invitees or not.

I have received my funds back and I'm already in the Finish Matrix. Do I have to wait until the Matrix fully closes to receive my remuneration?

No, there are stage-by-stage payments in the “Leader” project. Once you are ahead of the Finish Matrix, you’ll receive your remuneration in equal parts from each cell of the lowest level of your Matrix.

What is the internal wallet and why do I need that for?

The internal wallet is the internal currency inside of your private cabinet thanks to which you can (without commissions) to receive the funds, exchange them, send them out, to input them. You receive the remuneration and referral income into your internal wallet and you can also make the output of your funds or its part in any time convenient for you, to pay for the new package or to provide a loan to your partner, or to help a referral that has no possibility to start the personal Bitcoin wallet.

In this case, you can transfer the money to buy the package to the partner between the accounts of your private cabinets. This is the convenient option for those who have big teams and when the leader pays for everyone on his own.

There are a number of options how and why to use the internal wallet and these are only a couple of examples, but the main thing is that it is practical and convenient.

How do I communicate with the administration of the site and to get to know this project better?

We are always online and you can contact us by clicking the Skype technical support icon if your question concerns the technical issue or it has the urgent character.

You can chat with us to try to go deep in every nuance of our project by entering one of our Skype chats when other participants and we can help you receiving the answer on the interesting question.

We insist that prior to contacting the technical support you should carefully read Marketing and FAQ sections. We have tried to give the maximum details and answers to make sure that you will face any problem.
If you still have faced the technical complication or you have doubts then you may consult your sponsor or any participant in the Skype chats.

Please do not address the technical support without the obvious reason or if you don’t have any technical problem. It will allow solving the rest of issues faster and it will not slow down the work of our technical support and solution of issues of those participants who really faced the technical difficulties.

Buy Bitcoins and why do I need to create a wallet?

The crypto currency Bitcoin is the very fast-growing, trustworthy currency and it has the outstanding level of security as of today. In addition, thanks to the fast-growing currency rate and the demand for this currency and it’s limited character, many people experience increasing convenience to store and to collect own money in Bitcoins.
Please visit our blog section or go to the main page and scroll it a little bit down and you will see the interesting article about a Bitcoin crypto currency with video overview how to create Bitcoin wallet and use it as well as you will have the link to the service where we recommend creating this wallet.

Why there are 15 cells in the Matrix?

Do not forget about the fact that 7 places of 15 are always occupied as you have at least 7-people team working with you. There are only eight cells available and you can stand in any of it at any time including the last one that you might raise your level up immediately. The Matrixes are designed in the “Leader” in a way to make it possible for you to increase your income many times while having a working 5-level referral program and clones. If matrixes consisted of a lesser quantity of places then income amount wouldn’t be so delightful.

Thank you for being with us!